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Another draft :(

2016-08-31 17:21:27 by DeathCards


Why won't i finish anything? :((

New art on the way

2016-07-23 17:18:02 by DeathCards


Finishing this bad-boy up soon. 

Inspired by Dark Souls. Been playing for quiet a bit now.

Where is DeathCards?

2016-01-21 16:40:13 by DeathCards


Heey! What's up everyone! Since i've been busy with University and drawing i forgot to Newgrounds completly!

"Wot hell have you been doing?"

The answer to this is Manga! 

Yes as you might know i am drawing mangas for a hobby(and making ilustrations ofcourse).

So since i can't upload my manga here, here is a link if you are interested:

Also expect a new ilustration on the next week. I could use some recommedation about what to draw.

Thank you for reading! :*