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Posted by DeathCards - July 30th, 2019

Can this heat go away? I am having a hard time concentrating and I feel tired all the time...


Posted by DeathCards - February 20th, 2019


It is at draft stage at the moment. I am thinking of turning this into a print or banner.

More info:


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Posted by DeathCards - December 18th, 2018

Pernathoris, is an another segment to the GhostApocalypse series taking part in the same universe of Dreamlands.
It is a story based on Pernathoris a man who has seen visions of the past and future, now set out to make a choise. Since he saw what the future holds, he now rushes to the aid of others to undo it. Will he succeed or will he fail and thus stand before the portal of Nehirim, again with a bargain to strike.

A bargain he know he can't hold up.

Read it here: https://mangadex.org/title/32649/pernathoris


Posted by DeathCards - November 29th, 2018


*concept art from the "New Story"(One-shot Comic)

So, it's been some time that I have uploaded something on Newgrounds. Still not part of the portal but I'll see to it and upload more content, usually inkworks. I will gladly take up requests no problem, don't be shy. I want to think that my skill in art is above average at this point. 

Now I have a series since early 2016. I started with a series called GhostApocalypse thought I was a professional mangaka just because I had Clip-Studio and a wacom intuos. Reality hits that I was the shittiest artist that ever existed. Now fast-forwarding 2 years, I have understood that I made a mistake and I have improved. The story of GhostApocalypse have been reworked to the extend it's not even the same(both versions exist on every manga site). So now I am still working on GA and I will probably never give up on it. Not until I finish it. So expect 18th chapter(to whoever follows it) and the first chapters to be reworked as well. To give a more solid foundation to the story. It won't change much just the flow will be diferent.

Now there is a new story based on same universe as GhostApocalypse, in Dreamlands. I've been holding out on this one, because me and my buddy Thanos(Writer) think of trying to self-publish it in Scotland and Greece. High chances are, we don't get to. But I hope for the best that we will self-publish it. Now after that I will probably upload it myself online for free just like GhostApocalypse. The live version will be something quite exclusive to whoever gets it.

That is all, thanks for reading.


Posted by DeathCards - January 21st, 2016


Heey! What's up everyone! Since i've been busy with University and drawing i forgot to Newgrounds completly!

"Wot hell have you been doing?"

The answer to this is Manga! 

Yes as you might know i am drawing mangas for a hobby(and making ilustrations ofcourse).

So since i can't upload my manga here, here is a link if you are interested:


Also expect a new ilustration on the next week. I could use some recommedation about what to draw.

Thank you for reading! :*